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You're concerned about packaging, and we appreciate that because so are we. We know that currently we aren't perfect, and we are always striving to find the right balance between offering a product that is convenient, stays fresh and does right by the environment.

To talk about our commitment to sustainability:

- Our delivery box is made from double-wall insulated recycled cardboard and does not require any additional insulation packaging - it is also kerbside recyclable.
- Currently, our boxes are made up of 99% recyclable and compostable packaging (based off total weight of packaging used in each box).
- Our door to door deliveries are carbon neutral, as we off-set the carbon footprint.
- All plastic pots can be placed in the kerbside recycling, once used and washed.
- Soft plastics can be recycled at collection centres.
- We collect back our ice packs, sanitise and re-use them.

We are on track to being a zero food waste business as we only create our Woop boxes to order. We also deliver our customers the exact portions they need to cook which cuts down on food waste as people aren't throwing away unused ingredients.

We will continue to need to use some plastic and as always, we want to be confident it is being recycled in the correct manner. We are currently trialling a back-to-base stewardship programme shortly where we will collect back our plastic packaging (when the weekly box is delivered) to make sure it is recycled in NZ and turned back into products in NZ.

Environmentally friendly packaging is a fast-moving space with new technology continually becoming available - we are committed to being at the forefront of implementing new options.

Please see our philosophy here if interested:

If you have any other queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Have a lovely day.