Moving house? You can change your delivery address on your account up until Monday midnight for upcoming deliveries.

Login to your account and navigate to account details. In the personal details section you can update your address.

You are able to have multiple delivery addresses saved in your account. You can either click to edit your existing address or you can click to add a new address. 

When you add a new address you can give it a title, for example ‘Home’, so you can easily identify it in the future. When you add an address you need to specify delivery instructions and choose whether to update it as your default address. Any changes you make to your default address will take effect from your next unconfirmed order. You cannot change your address for a confirmed order. 

If you would like to change your address for a single upcoming delivery (rather than your default address) you can navigate to My Deliveries, select the upcoming delivery you would like to change, click edit details and then click change address. This will allow you to change the address for this single delivery.

Alternatively, if you've realised you need to change the address after Monday midnight, get in touch with our customer service team who might be able to help if your delivery hasn't been finalised.

Is your question still not answered? Please give us a call on 09 283 0400, we'd love to hear from you.