If you are going away or don’t want a delivery for a certain week, then you can skip one or more deliveries inside your Woop Account. 

When you sign up for a WOOP plan, you have the choice between weekly or fortnightly deliveries. You can choose to switch your delivery frequency from the Plan Settings area of your Account. And because your plan is flexible, you can choose when to skip or schedule a delivery up to 3 months in advance. Just remember the weekly deadline to make changes for that coming week’s delivery is Monday midnight.

To manage your delivery schedule:

  • Simply log in and go to the My Deliveries page to see your schedule. This is the weekly view or you can click the Calendar icon to see the monthly view. 
  • A date marked blue, indicates you have a confirmed order that is scheduled for delivery that weekend.
  • Click into future weeks to skip or schedule deliveries. 
  • Green means a delivery is scheduled for that week and red means you've chosen to skip that week's delivery.
  • Simply click like this to skip a delivery or click again to unskip.

You can manage your schedule up to 3 months in advance and make changes to your skipped and scheduled deliveries for the coming week as long as it's before Monday midnight. If it's after Monday midnight, you can only make changes to the following week's deliveries.

If you have skipped a delivery and then changed your mind after Monday midnight, please get in touch with our friendly team as we may still have a box available for the coming week.


Is your question still not answered? Please give us a call on 09 283 0400, we'd love to hear from you.