Since Woop started we have been committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We are minimising food waste, using recyclable packaging and offsetting the carbon footprint of each door to door delivery.

Of course we want to do more. So we have deeply researched how we can bring further improvements, while finding the right balance between a product that’s convenient, stays fresh and does right by the environment. Based on this research we have implemented a Back to Base recycling programme. You can read more about our commitment to the environment here




One of the challenges with packaging is what happens to it after it has been used and reducing what ends up in landfill. We want to make sure our packaging is recycled properly in NZ and that the recycled material is used in NZ to create other products. Our Back to Base programme allows you to send back all of your clean used packaging so we can ensure it is recycled properly.


Why do you use recyclable plastic packaging?

We need to select the best packaging for the job based on a number of factors. These include their recyclability, shelf life and quality. Our carefully selected packaging is intended to find the right balance between all of these factors.

Will you start to use compostable packaging?

We are investigating compostable alternatives for some of our packaging. As with recyclable packaging, it is important to find compostable packaging that has suitable end of life solutions to avoid ending up in landfill.

What packaging can I return?

All Woop packaging and gel cool packs can be returned. This includes the plastic pots, soft plastics, meat packaging, salad bags, vegetable packaging and sachets.

How clean does the packaging need to be?

All of the packaging needs to be completely clean, dry and free of all food residue. This is important as otherwise it cannot be recycled.

How is the plastic recycled?

The plastic is first shredded and then melted down into a raw material and is then used as an alternative to virgin (new) plastic or imported recycled plastic.

Can I continue to use my kerbside recycling bin?

Yes you can. The benefit of our Back to Base programme is we take responsibility to make sure the packaging is correctly sorted and recycled in NZ back into future products. 


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