WOOP brings you a box of hand-picked, lovingly prepared ingredients - all perfectly portioned for inspired recipes, so you can make beautiful and delicious dinners in half the time.

We provide a range of options, with Foodie, Balance, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free boxes available. All of these usually take 15 minutes or less to prepare. Our Classic Box contains family-friendly recipes and usually takes around 25 minutes to prepare. We do all the hard work: simmering sauces, marinating meats, chopping veges - all so you can create a beautiful, delicious and easy dinner.

We do the thinking, the leg-work and leave the best part to you: cooking and assembling a picture perfect meal to enjoy. We want you to have it all: the best quality meal and time to relax - time to be present in the moments you love. Whether that's another chapter in the novel, a family conversation, a glass of vino, or the simple joy of reclining. You get to decide.

 Check out our menu here: woop.co.nz/our-boxes

Easiest, most delicious, most beautiful.
Go better than good.
Go woop.


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