Login to your account and navigate to account details. In the plan settings section you can view your special offer.

You can see:

  • The discount amount
  • The duration of the offer and the number of deliveries or boxes you will receive at the special offer price
  • The number of deliveries you have received so far
  • And the date the offer is valid until

In this section you can also cancel your special offer. Simply click cancel special offer. Keep in mind though that if you cancel your special offer you will be charged back the discount received to date.

During the offer you are able to update your plan settings and change your preferences as you wish. If you increase or decrease the number of people your box feeds your special offer will change accordingly. 

A box that feeds 1 person receives $5.00 off, 2 people $10.00 off and 4 people $20.00 off.


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