We have a Special Offer for existing Woop customers to receive a discount off their plan price, for either 5 or 10 weeks (to be used in 10 or 20 weeks, respectively). This is emailed to customers after their first week.

A box that feeds 1 person receives $5 off, a box that feeds 2 people receives $10 off and a box that feeds 4 people receives $20 off.

Here are some FAQ's regarding the offer:

  • During the offer you are able to update your plan settings and change your preferences as you wish
  • If you increase or decrease the number of people your box feeds your special offer will change accordingly
  • You have the flexibility to skip and schedule deliveries as you wish before the order cut-off of Monday midnight
  • You pay each week you receive a delivery
  • You can cancel your special offer at anytime however there is a charge-back of the discounts received until that point

If you're already on the offer and would like to know your status on the offer - check out the following article: Where to View my Special Offer


Is your question still not answered? Please give us a call on 09 283 0400, we'd love to hear from you.